Director's Message

First and the foremost, we appreciate the Courageous decision taken by the aspirants to serve the nation by joining Armed Forces. Here, we have intentionally used the word “Courageous” because through our experience in this field we know very precisely that seldom any youngster want to join the “Armed Forces” for the sake of job security only. We understand the gravity of their dedication and passion for the Defense Forces.In this era of changing environment of coaching for Defence competitive exam with continuous improvement and implementation of new guidelines and syllabus, students often lose the right path and ask. Be brave, be bold, dare and so. Nothing will be impossible No obstacle is insurmountable. Once mind is made up and you stand firm as a rock, no one can stop you from gaining your goal and crowning yourself with success.
Dear Students, if you have Passed 12th and looking for a career in DEFENCE join GLOBAL DEFENCE ACADEMY. we promise a job to every student who joins our academy for his career. Our Aim is, every student should get success in his life. Success comes when you know what you want or desire. The starting point then is to know what you want in life. Let your ambition come true. Never mind and never fear. What appears impossible today will become a reality of tomorrow, with your determination & dedication. “The Man Who Wins Is The Man Who Thinks He Can.”

“Global Defence Academy has now formed into a totally fused centred teaching establishment. The controlling rationalities of the foundation the sum totals of what through have been creation of learning and join all around. The objectives of giving guidance, joined with creation, dispersal and usage of data, are being met in a planned edge, to make a synergetic impact.Global Defence Academy has been advancing enlightening organizations to the understudies getting ready for the Competitive exam NDA, CDS, and AIRFORCE. The foundation gives sweeping getting ready cum-course program.The Institute was developed with the intend to give a whole response for the understudies preparing for  exam.The accentuation is on giving widely inclusive preparing covering the supported plan and additionally enabling the understudies to go up against various challenges of presence no perspiration. The Institute energizes and underpins pioneers fit for making refinement in the present centred world. It imparts human characteristics and master ethics in the understudies, which empower them to settle on decisions and clear a path that are extraordinary for them, and also are helpful for the overall population, for the nation, and for the world as whole.To fulfil its focal objective in new and pivotal ways, each understudy of Global Defence Academy  is given quality guidance and planning so they can adjust up to the resistance in the market and substantiate themselves before everyone.“
“Let’s conquer every competition”

  • Namit Singh (Director)
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